Monday, May 26, 2008

Photography and Painting


I’ve been an avid photographer since I was 12. That means I’ve been at it for over @! years (Whoa, frightening! I’ll let you do the math). I've been painting for a fraction of that time. I often stop to think about the relationship between the two and how one can benefit the other.

I was recently asked a seemingly simple question on the WetCanvas forums about if and how I apply any of my approach to photographing a subject to the way I paint. I started to peck out what I thought would be an equally simple answer until I realized that it was turning into a small thesis. I figured that there was probably a size limit to the forum messages so I decided to move my answer over to this blog. It quickly started to grow even further out of control so I am going to split this up into a few different entries. What will follow are some thoughts about photography and painting.

Here are a few points that I will attempt to tackle:

    1.    Has it helped me learn to paint?
    2.    Has it effected the way I paint? Has painting effected   the way I photograph?
    3.    Painting from nature vs. painting from photographs
    4.    Photo equipment - what works best?
    5.    Photo processing - getting the best colors, values and details from your image.
    6.    Using a computer to paint by.

This is definitely a work in progress and will unfold over time. Please check back occasionally for new additions....


DS-ZN-0010 Zion National Park                                                  Nikon D200

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