Sunday, December 14, 2008

Deep in the Canyon

Here's an 11x14 oil from a photo I took in Zion National Park over the Thanksgiving weekend. This was the ONLY day without rain on the entire trip!

This scene is way back in the Grotto Trail canyon. It was late in the day and the sun was long gone from the canyon. Even in darker shade the reflections from the red sandstone cliffs scatters a surprisingly warm glow.

11x14  oil on linen panel


  1. Hi Randy, I've been looking over your blog with great interest. I'd just commented on your recent Bryce Canyon post and wanted to see more. You really have some good things going here. We've just recently started our blog and don't have much to offer yet but hope to add to it regularly. I envy your plein air activity at this time of year since we get locked into cold temps and snowdrifts about now. We think we'll go on down to Arizona for a couple months, soak up some warmth, and get the french easels out until South Dakota shows signs of spring life. Really glad to have this chance to say hello and wish you well on your path to artistic greatness! You're already doing very fine work. Dan Sheldon ( and Judith Oliver who is right now off visiting family. )

  2. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your nice comments. So much to learn!

    Yep, I'm REALLY glad I live in an area where I can paint outside almost year-round. I can't even imagine the kind of weather you're having where you are!

    I hope you make it out here to some warmer temps. Maybe we'll run into each other in some AZ canyon sometime...