Friday, December 7, 2007

Palette Wars

I’ve been experimenting with new colors lately. I need to do this in order to settle on a comfortable combination. Anyway, The total number of colors has started to get a little out of hand so I should make some decisions. I also have to figure out how to translate my studio palette over to my plein air palette.

I really don’t like using large palettes (many colors) but also find the limited palette (red, yellow, blue and white) a little too dull. So, I'm looking for a combination that will stay simple but give me the variety and color. Ideally, it should be a set of colors that I can pair down when I need to go mobil.

Recently, I tried adding some of Greg LaRock’s favorite colors: Naples yellow and Permanent Green light. That brought me up to a few too many colors. So, I’m going to ditch the yellow and keep the green as a modifier.


Some of my choices are pretty set but I’m still unsure about others.

So, here’s where I am at this point:

• Studio Palette
    • warm
        • Cad yellow medium
        • Cad Red light
        • Transparent Red Oxide.
        • Ultramarine blue
    • Cool
        • Cad Lemon Yellow
        • Yellow Ochre
        • Alizarine crimson
        • Cobalt blue

    • Specialized (modifiers)
        • Permanent green
        • Phthalo green
        • Phthalo blue

It'll be different tomorrow ;)

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